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Every son has a father... but not necessarily Saint Francis. Local young toughs show the geezers how it’s done during a visit or two to the
BNR Studio

Sons Of St. Francis are not actually signed to, or otherwise affiliated with, Bad Name Records.Their material appears here out of our respect and admiration for their work and because we haven’t received a cease and desist order from any authorized representative...yet.

Ass 77                                           3:48  3.6 mb
Bob, Luke, Sam and Ted.
Kind'a makes me wonder about Ass 76...
Recorded on Sunday July 6 2008.

Power To The People                     7:42  7.2 mb
The Sons Of St. Francis with The Mighty Gamache Brothers.
Live jam inspired by radical dislimiting (disassembling) of decades past well remembered and in anticipation of change.
Bob on organ, Ted and Sam on guitars (left and right respectively in the mix), Luke on Fender Rhodes piano through two stages of distortion; from TMG: Gig on bass, Mash on drums, zzDave on third guitar, vocal and triangle. It’s a lot of people very live in a small room.
Recorded Fall 2008.

Ride That Pony                              6:18  6.1 mb
Bob, Luke, Parker, Sam and Ted.
Seems self-explanatory... cowboy dreaming I guess...
Recorded on March 01 2009.

She Gets Her Loving From A Bear  5:13  4.7 mb
The Street Beaters at The Entry. Audience recording of a live show at the famous downtown club. The Sons Of St. Francis in a prior incarnation as The Street Beaters. I was told that 'Street Beater' is the title of the theme song from the Sanford and Son TV series of the '70s. Recorded on April 19 2008.

Texas Chainsaw Blues                    2:09  2.1 mb
Bob, Luke, Sam and Ted. My only surprise is that someone hadn't gotten around to writing this theme before. I never saw the movie myself but trust it's true to the plot.
Recorded on Sunday July 6 2008.

William Shakespeare Stole My Girl  5:20  5.1 mb
Bob, Luke, Sam and Ted. Written by Luke, I understand, the cut is straight up live. I especially like the lines about 'I always liked your friends more than you' and 'Now that we've called it quits, I'll never get to touch your breasts I guess...' Oh to be there again.
Recorded on Sunday July 6 2008.

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St. Francis of Assisi
Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in 1181 or 1182 -- the exact year is uncertain; died there, 3 October, 1226.      


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