The Rebranding Of Stu - A Suite

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"Hot off the digital board...
The Rebranding Of Stu Suite is in six contiguous parts.

The basic tracks were recorded non-stop twenty-eight minutes and six seconds the evening of Friday May 23rd into Saturday the 24th 2008.
I later added additional vocal and percussion - the vocals with plenty o' reverb and all shaky stuff.

Guitar is fabulous Les Paul SG through a recently (and perhaps stupidly) acquired Fender Super Reverb amp from 1965.  Sounds great to my ear but my ears are shot.  Stupid for spending money unnecessarily. 
Stu's on the built-by-his-own-hands bad-ass bass and Leo on left-hand Ludwig drums." - Dave

Part I:   The Reconfiguration of Stu  4:48  4.6 mb
Part II:  Rebrand Stu                       8:12  7.7 mb
Part III: Rebrand Stu                       3:10  2.9 mb
Part IV: Rebrand Stu                       2:46  2.6 mb
Part V:  Born To Be Who                4:31  4.2 mb
Part VI: Born To Be Stu                  4:26  4.2 mb

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Main Entry:         rebrand
Part of Speech:  v
Definition:          take an improved product, rename it and
                            market it as new


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