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Mostly Dave solo overdubbed multitrack recordings with one cut from a particularly fertile period of Heather and Andrea recordings.

Can't Recall                                5:10  4.8 mb
A while ago, while looking for something else, I found a recording of a little ditty from 2005 that I hadn't worked with again but really liked. This is a more recent version of the tune which has been titled 'Can't Recall' because I couldn't recall the name of the initial recording (which, as it turns out, was 'New Wha?'). The re-recording didn't actually achieve what I had hoped in sound and concept but it ain't bad and I thought you might enjoy it.
Recorded on March 16 2009.

Indy Indy                                   5:17  5.0 mb
Here's another one from the same sessions as 'Can't Recall'. It was originally called 'Messing In D' as the basic track was just a jam on an acoustic guitar tuned to an open D. Now it is called 'Indy Indy'. Although perhaps not readily apparent, there is a bit of Bob Marley's shadow in the song.
Recorded on March 08 2009.

Just A Rock                                5:35  5.2 mb
Written by Heather and Andrea, performed the same evening and never again after, the story of a rock on the shore of the Great Lake. Recorded on July 03 2005.

Add Me To The Water                4:09  3.9 mb
Ode to ramen noodles, the staple of students all over the globe. Spontaneous composition and recording.
Recorded on April 11 2005.

Love Comes To Tears                 3:22  3.2 mb
Recent re-recording of this song which originated in the mid-90s during the embryonic stage of Bad Name Records. It arose, as I recall, from an empathetic reaction to someone else's direct sad experience. Recorded on May 02 2009.

Just Another Day                        7:26  6.9 mb
The original version of 'I Met You' with Leo and Dave on guitars, Andrea on vocals. Heather had the words, Leo laid down the basic chords while Andrea put down the melody on the spot and Dave played slide guitar. Dave filled in the bass and drums later.
Recorded on March 25 2005.


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