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One of my favorite albums of all time is Spider John Koerner's 'Music Is Just A Bunch of Notes' with Willie And The Bees. It was recorded by Dave Ray in the mid-70s in an upstairs coffee house on the counter-culture corner of town.

Included in the original LP slip covers were photocopies of voluminous notes on the recordng personnel, process and gear. I wish I could find my copy now that I know more than I did then. These notes, while less informative or humorous, are a bit of homage to the late Mr. Ray.

Notes On Bad Name Records

"It's the singer not the song."

Maybe but at Bad Name Records it's all about the Song...

The Names may be Bad but the Songs are good...

I'm not sure there's much more to know about that.
"Can do as can does," as it is said in the BNR Universe.

        Notes On Recording

Almost all the songs on this site were recorded live in the basement studio at Bad Name Records. The performance ethic and aesthetics are traditional to the roots era.

The electric guitars are all straight into Fender amplifiers, mostly old Deluxe models, and no effects chain. Most frequently the bass is through a Fender Bassman. The drums are Ludwig Club Dates (as seen on the cover of ‘The Best of The Sir Douglas Quintet’ if you look closely). Acoustic guitars are recorded by microphones. It’s easy and cheap but, most importantly, is fair representation of the inputs for many great sounding recordings from when I was growing up.

The actual recording regime is a different matter altogether and reflects the relentless march of technology that lowers barriers and makes sophisticated tools, way more than we know how to use, available to such as us here at Bad Name Records.

That said there is very little signal processing and, with the exception of the Mill Ends tracks, very little overdubbing. All instruments are recorded discreetly with pretty decent microphones through a firewire interface to a laptop DAW.

Other than some EQ not always artfully applied and a bit of volume adjustment the recordings as presented here pretty much represent what happened in the room at that moment. As such there are numerous slips and wing dipping from time to time but also, from time to time, the sublime as lightning is caught in a bottle.


Notes On Songs

The vast majority of Bad Name Records material on this site is original material which while more recently recorded, represents in part the long accumulating catalog of the Bad Name Records staff song writers but also recent and irreproducible material composed in simultaneous performance. There may be a bit of cover material incorporated in wreck-less rant worth sharing with you... here.

The Sons of St. Francis will have to speak for their material as its genesis and inspiration are purely a matter of conjecture for me (other than ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre Blues’ of course). So my comments on their material are not necessarily constrained by either fact or understanding.

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